The Hawaii Coffee Association is planning an online green coffee auction of Hawaiian coffees to be held in Spring 2019.

Online coffee auctions have become an important and innovative method of offering high-quality coffees to roasters and distributors. A panel of qualified judges will cup and evaluate all of the participating coffees prior to the auction and publish their scores.The HCA, based on Specialty Coffee Association standards, will establish a threshold that must be met to qualify for the event.  

The auction will include lots of various sizes with a minimum lot size of 50 lbs.

The goal of the auction is to increase awareness of Hawaiian coffees and reach buyers that may not have been exposed to Hawaii’s exceptionally high quality offerings. Our expectation is that premium prices may be attained while fostering relationships with new customers.

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The following organizations are contributing to the success of the Hawaii Coffee Association Online Green Auction by becoming sponsors. We are grateful to them and offer them our Mahalo Nui Loa. Their names and logos are linked to their websites and we encourage you to visit them.


 Hawai'i Coffee Growers Association


        Nutrien Ag Solutions          Pacific Bag, Inc.          Scott Laboratories


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